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What is Source Tracking?

Source tracking is the practice of setting up sources in Zenbership and then using special URLs to track the effectiveness of those sources.

For example, if you are setting up an advertising campaign, and you want to measure how many contacts, members, and income you generate from it, you can use source tracking to measure those metrics.

Setting Up a Campaign

  • Create a source from "Contacts > Sources"
  • Give the source a title that makes sense in context of where the user arrived from. So if you are running a facebook advertising campaign, you might name it "Facebook Ad, Title of Facebook Post Here".
  • When creating your source, you have the option to input one or two redirect URLs. Please see "A/B Testing" below for more information on how this works.
  • Save the source.
  • You will see a new entry in the sources table, as well as an auto-generated tracking code.
  • To begin tracking the source, simply copy and paste the tracking code and add it to the end of your URL:

At this point, the program will automatically start tracking any user who arrives on your website using that tracking code, and more importantly detect when the user converts.

A/B Testing

We recommend setting up basic A/B testing using two distinct landing pages for each source. This will help you improve your ROI for your campaigns.

To set up A/B testing, you need to create two distinct landing pages. You can do that using the Zenbership CMS or stand alone webpage. Either way, in other for the test to work, your call to action needs to lead to an event taking place in Zenbership. Tracked events are:

  • Member registration,
  • Contact form submission,
  • Transaction is placed within the store front,
  • E-mail campaign signup

When a user arrives on your website, the program will automatically send him/her to one of the two URLs. It will make sure that the ratio is always 1:1 so that your A/B testing statistics are accurate.

Running Source Tracking Reports

You can view a report which will outline the effectiveness of each campaign by clicking on "Contacts > Sources" and then clicking the "Report" icon next to each source. You can also view a more generic list of users who have arrived on your website using the "Source Tracking" icon.

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Published on 2016/03/10.
Last updated on 2016/03/10.

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