A "source" represents how a member or contact found your organization. All members and contacts can have a different source, depending on how they became engaged with you.

Creating Sources

You can easily add a new source into the program by clicking on "Contacts > Sources".

On the source page, click on "Create Source". A popup will appear with a number of fields:

  • Name: The reference name for this source.
  • Redirect/Redirect Alternative: please see "Source Tracking" for information on how to use these.

Ways to Set Source

  • By editing a member or contact, you can manually set the user's source.
  • Forms can be used to automatically assign a user to a specific source.
  • Source tracking can be used to pre-determine a user's source before that user has converted into a contact or member.


Settings sources properly is important as it helps you visualize where your income is being generated. This allows you to better target your advertising and marketing efforts going forward.

Source Tracking Campaigns

Click here for information on setting up source tracking campaigns.

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Published on 2013/07/14.
Last updated on 2016/03/10.

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