Types of Users


A grouping of contacts and members who belong to the same organization or business.


A user in the database who is not yet a member, but has the potential to become one.


Any person you have contact with who isn't a lead, opportunity, or customer.


Potential interest in becoming a member.


Confirmed interest in becoming a member. Opportunities have a special distinction in the database and are highlighted in the control panel's topbar for quick access. They also have increased contact frequencies based on the options set up under "Contacts > Options".


A contact who has already purchased in the past but does not have a membership. Useful for when an account's user has created a membership, making the account a paying account, but when you don't want make all contacts within an account members.


A user who has full access to the membership features of the program, meaning they can now log into your membership website.

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Published on 2013/03/14.
Last updated on 2013/08/31.

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