Campaign Statistics


Campaign statistics can be found by loading any campaign slider from "Connect > Campaigns".

The Performance tab.

The Overview tab.


Performance provides a graphical display of a campaign's activity based on a fixed period. You can select the period you wish to display using the "Display Last" section found above and to the right of the graphs.

E-Mail Activity displays statistics on the number of emails sent (blue), read (green), and bounced (red).

Subscription Activity displays the total number of subscriptions (green) and unsubscriptions (blue) from the campaign.

Links Clicks vs Milestones Reached displays the number of links that have been clicked in an email (green) and the number of milestones that have resulted from those clicks (blue).

Effectiveness is a daily summary, calculated by the program, that factors all aspects of the campaign into a single metric. There is no scale for the metric, but instead a weighted point system is used to determine how effective a campaign was on and given day. Since there is no fixed scale, effectiveness should be compared on a day-by-day basis.


The overview page provides numerical representations of statistics for the campaign. Most of the statistics are straight-forward, however we will highlight some that may require some explaining:

  • Milestones: Click here for information on what constitutes a milestone.
  • Milestone Value: This is the total dollar value generated directly from milestones reached through this campaign.
  • Members: Number of new registrations generated by this campaign.
  • Event Reg.: Number of event registrations generated by this campaign.
  • Contacts: Number of contacts generated by this campaign.
  • Purchases: Number of transactions generated by this campaign.
  • Invoices: Number of invoices generated by this campaign.

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Published on 2013/08/16.
Last updated on 2013/08/16.

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