Sorting Options


Zenbership provides you with a number of sorting options for organizing contacts. In all cases, employees will only see contacts that are public or assigned to them. The exception to this are administrators, who can see all contacts.

Primary Navigation

The primary navigation menu provides you with quick links to the following sorting options:

  • Sort by Type
  • Sort by Status
  • Sort by creating date (date when the contact was generated)
  • Sort by due date (when the contact needs attention)
  • Display unassigned contacts (this is only available to administrators)
  • View converted contacts


Once you have selected a sorting option, you can use filters to narrow down the resulting list of contacts. Click here for more information on filters.

Criteria Searching

The program allows you to pin-point an exact set of contacts using the criteria search tool. Click here for information on building criteria.


The topbar provides employees with quick links directory to contacts due today or who are overdue as of today. It also allows employees to quickly view their opportunities.

Listing Page

Every sorting link that you click will redirect you to a contacts listings page. Click here for information on the listing page.

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Published on 2013/07/16.
Last updated on 2013/07/16.

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