Double Opt–In Campaign

Double opt-in, also known as "Confirmed Opt-In", is a method of confirming a user's desire to be subscribed to a campaign via "double" acceptance of enrollment. Double opt-in campaigns are proven to be more effective than single opt-in campaigns, as the desire for the end-user to receive your messages is stronger than with a single opt-in campaign.


  1. User signs up for a campaign through an enrollment form, by meeting a form condition, or is added to a campaign from the admin control panel.
  2. User receives an e-mail confirming their desire to subscribe to the campaign.
  3. User clicks activation link in e-mail to finalize his/her subscription.

Benefits Over Single Opt-In

  • Reduces spam complaints.
  • Creates more responsive and interested readers.
  • E-Mail addresses are more likely to be real.

Disadvantages over Single Opt-In

  • Some users may not confirm their subscription, thereby reducing readership.
  • A more complicated enrollment process means some users may not understand that they need to confirm their enrollment after submitting the initial form. Generally this amounts to between 20 and 30% of users.

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Published on 2013/02/23.
Last updated on 2013/02/23.

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