Subscription Product

A subscription product is a product which creates a subscription for the purchasing user. This allows you to create automated renewals going forward without requiring the user to purchase the item again.

Possible Configurations

Recurring at a regular interval.$20/month---
Recurring at a regular interval with maximum number of renewals.$50 every 3 months, billed 10 times.1030 months$500
Recurring on the same day every month.$25 on the 15th of every month---
Recurring on the same day every year.$499 every year on March 1st.---
Recurring on the same day every year, with a threshold date after which the renewal get moved to next year's renewal cycle.$299 every year on May 1st, with a threshold date of February 1st.[1]---

Trial Periods

Trial periods which precede the above standard configurations are possible using trial products.

Maximum Renewals

The "Max Renewals" settings takes into account the initial purchase. Therefore, if you set the "Max Renewals" setting to "3", this will charge the user for the initial purchase as well as two follow up renewal payments.

Renewal Reminders

Renewal reminders can be automated using the "Upcoming Renewal Reminder" option found within the "Shop > Subscriptions > Options" link. If set up to send reminders, the member/contact who owns the subscription will get an automated email based on the "Subscription: Upcoming Renewal Notice" e-mail template which you can edit from the "Integration > E-Mail Templates" page.

  1. Please see the "Threshold Date" article for more information.

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Published on 2013/02/23.
Last updated on 2017/02/28.

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