Trial Product

A trial product is a subscription product which has an initial period with different settings from the standard subscription price.


  • $0 for 7 days, then $20/month
  • $25/month, billed twice, followed by a standard $50/month fee.
  • $99 for 15 months, then $299 every month on the 1st
Trial PeriodStandard Subscription Period
Initial CostTrial RenewalsTrial PeriodCostRenewalsRenewal Timeframe
$0None7 Days$20Until user cancelsEvery month
$25Twice ($50 total)2 Months$50Until user cancelsEvery month
$99None1 Year and 3 Months$299Until user cancels1st of Event Month

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Published on 2013/02/23.
Last updated on 2013/02/24.

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