Email Slider Breakdown

Breakdown of the e-mail slider.

1ToDisplays who is receiving the email. This could be a member, contact, or if you are sending a targeted blast, it will be criteria. If it is criteria, you can click it to view who will receive the email and what the criteria is.
2FromThe "From" line for the e-mail. Defaults to the employee's name and email.
CCCarbon-copy. This sends the message to the email address inputted into the "CC" field. Separate multiple emails with a comma.
BCCBlind Carbon-copy. Works the same as a "CC", except the the recipient cannot see the email addresses in the "BCC" line. Separate multiple emails with a comma.
3Subject LineThe subject line for the email. Caller tags can be used here.
4Load TemplateAllows you to load a custom template into the message body. Useful for sending common replies or emails with different layouts. Click here for information on creating a custom email template.
5BodyThis is the body of your message. Caller tags can be used here.
6Save CopyThis controls whether you wish to save the "body" section of the email when you store a saved copy in the database. Many emails are generic and contain information that you wouldn't need to save for future reference. So to cut down on disk space used by the program, you can elect not to save a copy of the message.
7TrackingThe program allows you to track when a user has opened an email. If you set this to "Yes", you will be notified when the user opens the email. You can find tracking logs at "Connect > E-Mail > Tracking Logs".
8Link TrackingThe program also allows you to track when a link has been clicked in an outgoing email. This is useful to tracking milestones and seeing which links your users are and aren't interested in.
9Next Action DateFor contacts especially, this tells the program to consider this email an "action" and will therefore extend the "Next Action Date" for the contact. Click here for more information on next action dates.
10AttachmentsAllows you to attach files to the outgoing email.
11Preview and Send"Preview" allows you to see the message fully formatted. "Send" will dispatch the email.

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Published on 2013/07/18.
Last updated on 2013/07/18.

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