Tracking Bounced Emails

The program cannot automatically track bounced emails. In order to make this feature work, you will need to do two things:

  1. Establish a dedicated email inbox for bounced emails,
  2. Establish the settings for that inbox in Zenbership.

Creating a Bounced Email Inbox

For the purposes of this example, we will show you how to do this in cPanel. Other wet hosting control panels will work in a similar fashion.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

  1. Click on "Email Accounts"
  2. Create a new inbox named "bounced" or something similar. Make a note of the password you selected for the inbox. Click on "Create Account" to add the inbox.
  3. The new inbox now appears under the list of existing inboxes. You can find the required information under the "More > Configure Email Client" section.

Setting Up Bounced Tracking

Connect E-Mail Options

Establishing the Options

From the Zenbership administrative dashboard:

  • Click on "Connect > E-Mail > Options"
  • Input the newly created inbox's information into the options:
  • Bounced E-Mail Inbox
  • Bounced SMTP Port
  • Bounced SMTP Password
  • Bounced SMTP Mail Server
  • Bounced SMTP Username
  • Click on "Save" to complete the process.

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Published on 2013/07/18.
Last updated on 2013/08/10.

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