Calendar View


The online calendar view allows users and members to view upcoming events and access the event page.

  • Location: InformationRemember that you will need to change "" to the actual URL at which Zenbership is installed.calendar.php
  • Template: Viewing Calendar

Calendar View

  1. Month: The month the user is currently viewing, plus links to preview and next month views.
  2. Event Type Icons: Color-coded icons that represent the type of event being listing.
  3. Event Block: A day on which there is an event. Table cells with an event have no CSS class, table cells without an event have the CSS class "zen_noevent".
  4. Export Links: Links to export the events on the calendar or the month.
  5. Event Types: Legend with all possible event types and corresponding color codes.

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Published on 2013/07/16.
Last updated on 2013/07/16.

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