Creating Calendars

What is a Calendar?

A calendar is a way of grouping together events onto a single display. Each calendar can be in one of two formats:

  • Traditional Calendar View: Events are displayed on a monthly calendar.
  • Long View: Events are displayed one after another.

Creating a Calendar

The program comes with a default calendar (known as "Calendar of Events"). Unless you intend to create different calendars for different events, you won't need to create multiple calendars. However, if you do need multiple calendars, you can create a new one by doing the following:

  • Go to "Events > Calendar"
  • Click on "Create Calendar" in the secondary navigation
  • The "Create Calendar" popup will appear:
NameName for the calendar.
PermissionsThis controls whether a calendar can be accessed by anyone or just members.
StyleSelect the layout for the calendar, either month-view or long list.
Custom TemplateControls the template that is used to render the caledar.

Once you have created the calendar you can begin adding events to it.

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Published on 2013/07/16.
Last updated on 2013/07/16.

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