Managing Registration Lists


Registration lists allow you to quickly view all attendees of an event. You can filter, print, and export lists according to your needs.

Accessing Attendee Lists

  • Click on "Events"
  • Click the name of the event you want to view the a list of attendees for.
  • The event slider will appear. Click on the "Attendee" tab.
  • A list of attendees will appear with several options.
  1. Attendees Tab: Click to load the list of attendees for the event.
  2. Add Attendee Button: Allows you to add new attendees to the event, including guests. Click here for more information.
  3. E-Mail: Allows you to email attendees of an event.
  4. Export and Print: Allows you to export or print the current list of attendees.
  5. Apply Filters: Allows you to filter the attendee list based on various criteria.
  6. List of Attendees: List of currently visible attendees.


Filters allow you to apply criteria to the attendee list. To apply filters, click on the "Apply Filters" button. A popup will appear:

  • Click here for information on how date ranges work.
  • Click here for information on marking registrants as "Arrived".


The program provides you with a printable version of the current list of attendees you are viewing. This list contains the following information:

  • Date of the registration
  • Last Name and First Name of attendee
  • Status (Paid or Unpaid) of the attendee
  • Type of attendee (Primary or Guest of Primary)
  • Order Number for the registration
  • A list of what the attendee purchased

If you need a full database "dump" of the attendee list with all possible fields included, please see "Exporting" below.


Exporting allows you to generate a CSV dump of the attendee list you are currently viewing. It includes everything available on the "Print" tab, as well as additional information with the "RSVP" scope.

To export the registrant list, click on the "Export" button (Item 4) above. A popup will appear. Select your desired delimiter and click on "Export" to download the file.

The CSV file generated can be opened in spreadsheet software such as Google Docs Spreadsheet, Excel, or Open Office Calc for manipulation.

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Published on 2013/07/18.
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