Manually Registering Attendees


On top of the standard user online registration process, the program allows employees to register attendees for an event from the administrative dashboard. During the process, you have the option to charge a user or simply add the registration.

Registering a User

The event slider.

  • Click on "Events" and select the event to which you wish to add an attendee.
  • The event slider will appear. Click on the "Attendees" tab (Item 1).
  • Click on the "Add Attendee" button (Item 2).
  • The "Add Attendee" popup will appear:

Overview Tab

Registrant Details Tab

Guests Tab

Overview Tab

The overview tab controls the ticketing and membership aspects of the attendee.

1StatusThis controls whether an order has already been placed, or whether an order needs to be created. Note that even if you are not charging the user for attendance, you should select "Create Order".
2Charge TypeControls whether you wish to invoice the user or bill the user now.
3MemberAutocompleteAdditional InformationPlease remember that when using the auto-complete tool you must click the result to select it. You also cannot create a new item by simply typing the name of an item that doesn't exist. field to specify which member this registration is for, if any.
4Order BuilderThis allows you to build the components of the attendee's order.
5Order DetailsThe three options each allow for different things:
Don't Charge a card: just add the order: this can be used to create the registration without actually billing the user, either by credit card or invoice.
Charge a new card: this allows you to bill a credit card that isn't currently on file. Clicking this will reveal the credit card details fields.
Charge an exising card: If the member you selected in item 3 has a credit card on file, you can select if by clicking on this option.

Registrant Details

This controls the attendee's registration details. The fields are based on the event's form that you created when creating the event.

Guest Tab

This controls the attendee's guests, if any.

If the attendee is bringing one or more guests, use this section to register each. The form is based on the guest form you created when creating the event.

Note that if you are charging for guests, you will need to manually select the guest tickets from the "Overview" tab.

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Published on 2013/07/18.
Last updated on 2013/07/18.

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