How do I catch bounced emails?

In order to catch bounced e-mails, you will first need to create a dedicated inbox called ""; you can do this from your website control panel.

Once you have created the inbox, from your Zenbership admin control panel, do the following:

  • Click on "Connect > E-Mail: Options"
  • Input "" into the Bounced E-Mail Inbox option.
  • Input your inbox's credentials into the Bounced SMTP Mail Server, Bounced SMTP Username, Bounced SMTP Password, and Bounced SMTP Port.
  • Save the changes.

Going forward the program will not be able to detect bounced emails. You can view bounced e-mail reports from "Connect > Bounced Logs".

Added Features

Once the bounced email tracking feature is established and working, the program will automatically do the following:

  • Unsubscribe bounced emails from campaigns
  • Display notices on the admin control panel for contacts, members, and event registrants when their primary email bounces.
  • Add bounced email notices to the activity feed.

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Published on 2013/03/03.
Last updated on 2013/03/03.

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