How do I create a whitelist of IPs that can access the control panel?

By default, the program's only layer of protection against access to the admin control panel is your employee's username and password. If you wish to add an additional layer of protection, the program allows you to create a "whitelist" of approved IPs that can access the administrative control panel. Any IP not on this list will not even be able to see the admin login screen.

To control this list, access your server using an FTP client, and edit the file located at "admin/sd-system/ip_whitelist.php".

On this file you will see the following:

$whitelist_ips = array();
// $whitelist_ips[] = '';
// $whitelist_ips[] = '456.456.456.456';

In the above state, the white list feature will not be used by the program. However as soon as an IP is added to the list

To add a whitelisted IP, simply add the following line to the bottom of the file:

$whitelist_ips[] = 'WHITELISTED IP HERE';

So if your IP is "", you would input:

$whitelist_ips[] = '';

You can find your IP by visiting this webpage.

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Published on 2013/03/09.
Last updated on 2013/03/09.

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