How do I reset an administrative password?


In the event that you have lost your master administrator's password, you can reset it using the "Reset Admin Password" utility available here.


Open the "admin_reset_password.php" file in a plain text editor such as notepad and then do the following:

1. Determine your IP

Go to google and type in "What is my IP?". Google will provide you with your IP. Copy and paste the exact IP into the $ip variable:


2. Input your username

Update the $username and $newPassword variables to reflect the username you are trying to reset your password for and what you want your new password to be. For example, if your administrative username is "johndoe" and you want your password to be "pass123", you would update the lines as follows:

$username	= 'johndoe';
$newPassword	= 'pass123';

3. Upload and Run This Script

Upload this file into the "admin" folder of your Zenbership directory. Then using a web browser, type the URL to the script into the address bar to reset your password.


4. Delete the File

Test your new password by logging into the Zenbership administrative dashboard, and once confirmed to work, delete the "admin_reset_password.php" file from your server.

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Published on 2013/09/30.
Last updated on 2016/12/20.

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