What happens if both a form and product on that form grant access to a membership type?

When creating both a form and product, the program gives you the option to select a member type to which the purchasing/registering member will be assigned. Naturally, if a product is set up to grant access to a membership type, and is assigned to a form that is set up to also grant access to a membership type, they can conflict.

The way the program works this potential dilemma out is as follows:

  • The member will first be assigned to the member type assigned to the form.
  • However, if a product is purchased which grants access to a "higher" membership type, the product's settings will outweigh the form's settings and the user will be assigned to the higher type.

You can assign "weight" to a membership type by dragging and dropping them in the "Members > Membership Types" popup . Types appear first have less weight that types appearing near the bottom.

  • Click here for more information on membership types.

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Published on 2013/08/14.
Last updated on 2013/08/14.

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