What is the difference between a HTML Template and a Custom Page?


HTML Templates are the skeleton around which pages are formatted. They are built around a theme, which is a set of styles that format templates.

  • Every template helps render a different part of a theme.
  • Every template can have a unique header and footer.
  • While custom pages can be edited using the visual editor, templates can only be edited in raw HTML.
  • You can edit templates from "Integration > HTML Templates".
  • Custom pages can be edited from "Content > Custom Pages".

Practical Example

Let's look at how the login template is rendered vs a custom page:

Login Page

The login page is rendered in three steps:

  1. Header
  2. Member Login (Template)
  3. Footer

Custom Page

  1. Header
  2. (Page Content formatted using the selected template)
  3. Footer

In this case, the "content" of your custom page is placed around a header and footer. The header and footer is determined by the template you select when creating the page, as is.


Widgets can be used on both templates and custom pages. Widgets are called using the {-WIDGET_ID-} tag.

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Published on 2013/05/10.
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