Several conventions are used throughout this documentation. This page attempts to outline them.


The documentation references the following URL:

  • InformationRemember that you will need to change "" to the actual URL at which Zenbership is installed.

This presumes that you have installed the program to the " InformationRemember that you will need to change "" to the actual URL at which Zenbership is installed." subdomain. However in many cases, users choose to install the program to a more traditional location, such as "".

When reading through the documentation, keep this in mind and change the URLs to reflect the correct location to which you installed Zenbership.

Control Panel Locations

You will often see directions to "go to" or "click" a link in this style:

  • "Shop > Invoices > Options"

This means hover over the "Shop" link in the primary navigation, then hover over "Invoices", and finally click on "Options". In other words, only click on the last option in the bread crumb trail.


The following names are used interchangeably:

  • Administrative dashboard, admin control panel, administrative control panel.
  • Dashboard and control panel
  • "Registrant" and "Attendee" are used interchangeably for users attending an event.


You will often see numbered listed used in the documentation.

  • The numbers match the numbers on the image found before the list. They are often referenced as "Item 1" or "Item 2".
  • Almost all images can be clicked. When you click an image, it will expand to reveal the entire image.

Dashboard Terms

Several terms are used to describe locations throughout the administrative dashboard. These can include:

  • Listings
  • Slider
  • Popup

Click here for information on what each refers to.

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Published on 2013/07/12.
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