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Caller tags are strings that can be placed on any outgoing e-mail, SMS message, social media post, template, or content page that are replaced with their corresponding data in the database once processes. A caller tag looks like this:

  • Callers tags are %CaSe_SeNSiTive%
  • Caller tags must be surrounded by percent signs.
  • Not all caller tags are available at all times. Please read through documentation for more information.

Example E-Mail


When composing the e-mail, it will look like this:


Please confirm that your address is:
%city%, %state%, %country%



Once it sent to the member, it will look like this:


Please confirm that your address is:
100 N Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL, United States


Universal Caller Tags: E-Mails


These caller tags can be included within the message's body or subject line.

Caller Tags

Caller TagDescription
%company_address%Company address, as set up within your options.
%company_contact%Company contact details, as set up within your options.
%logo%URL to your company logo, as set up within your options.
%pp_company%Company name, as set up within your options.
%pp_company_url%Company URL, as set up within your options.
%pp_date%Current date formatted
%site_name%Website name, as set up within your options.
%pp_url%Full URL to your base membership website.
%theme_url%Full URL to your theme's folder.
%home_link%Link to your homepage, as set up within your options.

Universal Caller Tags: HTML Templates

All caller tags listed under the "E-Mails" section above, as well as these caller tags:

Caller TagDescription
%meta_title%Meta title for the page.
Format: Site Name / Section / Title | Company Name
%meta_desc%Meta description for the page.
%page_title%Page title.
%pp_breadcrumbs%Breadcrumb trail for this page.
%template_name%Name of the template being displayed.

Fields as Caller Tags

Remember that caller tags need to have percent signs around them to be processed by the program!

Correct: %first_name%
Incorrect: first_name

If you go to the "Integration > Fields" page, you will see a column named "Caller Tag". Placing a field's caller tag inside an email, HTML template, SMS, or content page will replace the caller tag with the corresponding information in the database for the member or contact viewing the page.

In order for a field to be visible, it must be in the scope to which you are displaying it. For example, if a member is viewing a content page on your site, every field in the "Member" scope can be used on that page and will be replaced with the corresponding data belonging to that member. So %first_name% would become the member's actual first name.

Special Caller Tags

Many templates have caller tags with a special purpose. Please reference each template's individual page for a full list.

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