What Are Fieldsets?

A fieldset is used to group related fields together on a form. A full list of fieldsets can be accessed from "Integration > Fieldsets".

Creating Fieldsets

To create a new fieldset:

  • Click on "Integration > Fieldsets"
  • In the secondary navigation, click on "Create Fieldset".
  • A popup will appear with two tabs: "Settings" and "Fields"

Settings Tab

  1. Basic Information: This tab controls the basic information for the fieldset. "Name" controls the grouping's title, while description is additional information to help the user completing the fieldset.
  2. Scopes: Please see "Scopes" below.

Fields Tab

The "Fields" tab allows you to indicate which fields appear within the fieldset, what order they appear in, and whether they are required (more information on this below).

  1. Add a field to the fieldset by clicking the field name on the list of fields on the left.
  2. Fields currently in the fieldset appear in the right column. The field you selected in step 1 will now appear in the right column.
  3. Drag and Drop a field to re-order it within the fieldset.
  4. Click the star to make a field required. See "Important Notes on Required Fields" for details on this feature.

Important Notes on Required Fields

  • When building forms, the required setting can be turned off. So if you add a fieldsets to a form, it will appear with the required field on by default, but that can be changed on a form-by-form basis.
  • If a field is set to "Required" in the fieldset and you add it to a "Scope" (see "Scopes" below), the fieldset will always be required when an employee is completing the form.

Rendered Fieldset

Administrative Rendering

In the above example the fieldset was assigned to the "Member (Add)" and "Member (Edit)" scopes, therefore when we load a member, we can now see "Car Information" fieldset (Item 2) in the "Data" tab (Item 1).

Form Rendering

When you add a fieldset onto a form using the form builder, the fieldset will be rendered as shown above.


Every fieldset can be assigned to "scopes". Scopes control which sections of the control panel a fieldset will appear on. For example, if you select the "Member (Add)" scope, that fieldset will appear on the "Create Member" slider.

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Published on 2013/07/12.
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