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The form builder is used throughout the program to create forms. It allows you to do all of the following:

  • Add fieldsets to forms.
  • Add fields to forms.
  • Add page breaks to forms.
  • Specify which fields are required.
  • Organize fields on a form.

Builder Popup Overview

  1. Denotes a Page Break: The title of the page is used in the "Step by Step" menu found on the form.
  2. Denotes a fieldset: A fieldset is a logical collection of fields. Every field under the fieldset, until either a page break of another fieldset is present, will fall under the fieldset label before it.
  3. Fields: These are fields that are within the fieldset.
  4. Field Type Icon: Denotes the type of field, such as single line of text or dropdown menu.
  5. Required Icon: The star icon denotes whether a field is required or not. Red means required, gray means optional. Click the icon to toggle the status.
  6. Add a Field Menu: This link launched the "Add Fields" menu (bullet 7 below).
  7. Add Fields Menu: Allows you to add entire fieldsets (7a), individual fields (7b), create a new fieldset (7c), or create a page break (7d).

How It Works

Page Breaks (Item 1)

  • Adding a page break (7d) will put all fields and fieldsets found below the page break on a new page.
  • Naming the page break will control how the "Step Menu" is worded.

Fieldsets (Item 2)

  • Add a fieldset (7a) will add the fieldset and all fields under it onto the form.
  • You can create a new fieldset by inputting a name for the fieldset in the "Create Section Divider" field (7c).
  • All fields found below the fieldset row (Item 2) will appear within that fieldset of the form.
  • You can create preset fieldsets from "Integration > Fieldsets > Create Fieldset".

Fields (Item 3)

  • Fields must be created from "Integration > Fields > Create Fields" before they can be added onto a form.
  • Fields can be assigned into a preset fieldset from "Integration > Fieldsets". You can also create a new fieldset from this location.
  • You can add a field onto the form by using the "Add a Field" dropdown (7b).

Field Ordering

You can drag and drop any field to a new location on a form by clicking on the "Move" icon, dragging the row to your desired location, and then "dropping" the field by releasing your mouse.

Rendered Example

The above example (see image) would appear as follows to the member registering from the form:

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

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Published on 2013/07/13.
Last updated on 2013/07/14.

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