Form Special Conditions


Special conditions allow you to trigger certain tasks when a form submission matches a special condition. Possible tasks that can be triggered are:

  • Grant a member access to content
  • Subscribe a member to a campaign
  • Add a product into the member's cart
  • Set a contact's expected value (in dollars)
  • Prevent the form submission from taking place.

Creating Special Conditions

Special conditions can be created from the "Create Form" popup. This can be found by clicking on the "Forms" option in the "Quick AddAdditional InformationThe quick add menu is located in the primary navigation bar. It is a green icon with a white plus sign." menu. On the result popup, select the "Special Conditions" tab.

Triggering a Special Condition

Special conditions can only be triggered if a field's value the special condition's value. So for example, if you have a secure content page designed for Canadian members only, you could set the special condition's to grant access to that content when the "Country" field equals "Canada":

Common Uses

Subscribing User to a Campaign

Campaigns work best when a member wants to receive what you are sending. For this reason, special conditions are often used with a custom "Checkbox" field to confirm that user's desire to be subscribed to a campaign.

Creating a checkbox field with value "Yes" and then selecting that field as the basis for the special condition allows the program to only subscribe a user to the campaign if they have confirmed their desire to do so.

Assigned a Contact's Expected Value

A contact's value is hard to gauge. Thankfully however, there are ways to better establish an expected value for a contact. One such way is using a custom field to determine what the contact is interested in, and based on the value of that field, setting the expected value to a corresponding dollar amount.

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Published on 2013/07/13.
Last updated on 2013/07/14.

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