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When you create content in Zenbership, members do not automatically gain access to that content. For this reason, you will need to "grant" access to content. There are several ways that you can do this.

Manually Granting Access

  • From the member slider, click on the "Content" tab
  • Click on the "Add Access" button.
  • A popup will appear with the two fields: content name and expiration date.
  • Type the name of the content you want to grant the member access to and select it from the results list.
  • If you want access to the content to expire, select the date on which it will expire. Otherwise leave it blank to grant "lifetime" access to the content.

Granting Access Based on Criteria

This method allows you to grant access to content using criteria.

  • From the admin control panel, click on "Content".
  • On the resulting listings page, click the content you want to grant members access to.
  • The content's popup will appear. Click on the "Grant Access From Criteria" button.
  • The criteria builder popup will appear. Click here for information on building criteria. The only difference on this page is the "Content" section, specifically the "Period" field. This timeframe field controls for how long the members matching the criteria will be given access to the content.
  • Click on "Preview" to see who matches your criteria, or "Save" to finalize the process and grant the matching members access to the content for the specified "Period".

From Content Packages

Content packages are directly linked to a member type. Click here for a full discussion of member types and content packages.

From Product Purchases

When you create a product, you can select which content a member purchasing the product will be given access to upon making a successful purchase. To do this, from the "Quick AddAdditional InformationThe quick add menu is located in the primary navigation bar. It is a green icon with a white plus sign." menu in the primary navigation bar, click on "Product" to create a product.

  1. Click on the "Content Access" tab.
  2. Click on "Add Content Access"
  3. In the resulting row, type in the name of the content you want to grant access to. Select it from the autocompleteAdditional InformationPlease remember that when using the auto-complete tool you must click the result to select it. You also cannot create a new item by simply typing the name of an item that doesn't exist. results lists.
  4. Input a timeframe after which access to the content will expire. So if you set this to "1/Month" and the member purchases on June 1st, access to the content will expire on July 1st, meaning the member will be given 1 month of access to the content.[1]

From Forms

After Completing the Form

Much like products can grant access to content when they are purchased, certain types of forms can also be used to grant members access to content when they are submitted. Both "Free Registration" and "Paid Registration" forms can be used for this purpose.

The process is the same as granting access to content for products. See above for details.

Through Special Conditions

Forms have the added benefit of allowing you to grant access to content when a special condition has been met. Click here for details on how special conditions work.

  1. Note that if you are selling a subscription product, when the subscription renews, the member's access to the content will be extended upon renewal.

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Published on 2013/07/12.
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