Email Template Flowchart

This article outlines which email template is sent when a specific task occurs. It references emails listed within the "Integration > E-mail Templates" section of the administrative dashboard.

  • When a member is created from the admin dashboard, "Membership Created (From Admin)" is sent.
  • When a member registers from a registration form
  • If the default status is set to "Active", "Registration Complete" is sent.
  • If you set up your registration form to require email confirmation, "E-Mail Confirmation Required" is sent
  • If you set up your registration form to require admin approval, "Application Awaiting Activation" is sent.
  • In both scenarios 2 or 3 above, once activated, "Account Activated" is sent.
  • If the member purchases a product as part of the registration process, or directly from the shop, "Cart Receipt" is sent.
  • If the product purchased is a subscription, "Subscription Created" is also sent.
  • When a subscription is about to renew, "Subscription: Upcoming Renewal Notice" is sent.
  • When this email is sent is controlled by the "Upcoming Renewal Reminder" option found in "Shop > Subscriptions > Options"
  • When the subscription renews successfully, "Subscription Renewed" is sent.
  • If the subscription fails to renew, "Subscription renewal failure notice" is sent.
  • When this email is sent is controlled by the "Maximum Failed Retries" and "Retry Spacing" options found in "Shop > Subscriptions > Options"
  • If the subscription fails to renew a certain number of times (as set in your options), or if the member manually cancels his/her subscription, "Subscription Canceled" is sent.
  • If a subscription attempts to renew but there is no credit card on file for the member, an invoice is created and "Invoice" is sent.
  • Whenever an invoice is created, "Invoice" is sent.
  • Members are reminded before the invoice is due and "Invoice payment reminder" is sent.
  • Under "Shop > Invoices > Options", option named "Reminder No. 1" controls how long before the invoice's due date
  • If an invoice is overdue, the member is notified and "Overdue invoice notice" is sent.
  • The number of times the member is notified depends on your options found in "Shop > Invoices > Options"
  • "Overdue Reminders" tells the program how often after an invoice is overdue to e-mail the member to let them know it is overdue.
  • "Maximum Reminders" tells the program how many times to inform the member the invoice is overdue before marking it as "Overdue with Unresponsive Client"
  • If an invoice is paid in full, "Invoice Settled" is sent, as well as "Cart Receipt", and potentially "Subscription Renewed" is the invoice in linked to a subscription.

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Published on 2017/04/13.
Last updated on 2017/04/13.

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