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Login announcements provide your members with information such as company news, directly on their member dashboard after login.

Creating Announcements

  • Go to "Members > Announcements"
  • In the secondary navigation menu, click on "Create Announcement"
  • The "Create Announcement" popup will appear.
Status"Active" means the announcement is being displayed (presuming it meets the date criteria); "Inactive" means it is never being displayed, regardless of other factors.
TitleTitle for this announcement.
StartsDate on which you would like to start displaying this announcement. Leave blank to not specify a date.
EndsDate on which you would like to stop displaying this announcement. Leave blank to not specify an end date.
ContentThe content of the announcement.

Member View

  • Location: http://members.yoursite.com/Additional InformationRemember that you will need to change "http://members.yoursite.com/" to the actual URL at which Zenbership is installed.manage/announcements.php

Once live, the announcement will appear within the "Announcements" section of the member dashboard.

New vs Read Announcements

The program has an option to determine how long an announcement should be flagged as "new" for (item "1" above). "New" announcements have the added CSS style class "zen_announce_new", which makes them stand out from "Read" announcements (item "2" above). This setting is based on how many times the member has seen the announcement in question. The default number is to mark the announcement as "Read" after a single viewing. You can customize this by updating the "Mark as Seen" option from "Members > Announcements > Options".

Announcement Ordering

Announcements are ordered based on the "start date" selected when creating the announcement.

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Published on 2013/07/13.
Last updated on 2013/07/13.

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