Member Types

What are Member Types?

Member Types are a special distinction within the database that allows you to section off different members into different groups. They are primarily used for data-basing, providing access to content, and criteria purposes.

Member types are somewhat like accounts, with the several key differences. Essentially, member types group users by how they registered, whereas accounts serve more of a direct role in the CRM and in allowing for organizations to have "master members". Furthermore, when a member is assigned to a "Member Type", they can be granted access to content, whereas accounts are not associated with content.

Creating Member Types

To create a member type, go to "Members > Membership Types" from the admin control panel. A popup will appear with a list of all your existing member types. At the bottom of the popup, click on "[+] Add New Type" to create a new member type. Input a name for this new member type and click on "Save".

Ordering Member Types

The program will occasionally need to determine which member type is considered higher than the others. For this reason, when you load the membership types popup ("Members > Membership Types"), the program allows you to drag and drop the types into their weighted order.

Membership types appearing first are consider "below" membership types appearing later in the list. Example of a logical membership type setup:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

"Gold" is a set up from "Silver", therefore it appears later on the list.

Assigning Members to a Type

There are several ways that you can set a member's type.

Edit the Member

You can directly edit the member. Within the member's slider, click the "Data" tab. The "Member Type" field will appear on that page.

Using Products

You can set a member type that will be assigned to a member when a product is purchased when you create or edit a product.

Using Forms

Forms allow you to control a member's type as well. To assign a user to a specific member type, go to "Integration > Forms". Using either a "Free Registration" or "Paid Registration" form, click on the "Overview" tab and under "Options" select the membership type to which users registering from this form will be assigned.

Content Packages

A "content package" is the set of content that all members of a specific type will be given access to when they are assigned to that membership type.

To edit a member type's content package, you will first need to create the member type. Once completed, do the following:

  • Go to "Members > Membership Types".
  • Next to the membership type you want to work with, click on "Edit Content Package".
  • The Content Package popup will appear:
  1. The "Alter Existing Members?" field controls whether you want to grant access to new content being added or remove access to content being deleted for existing members of this member type. So for example, if you are adding the "Sample Page" content and want all existing members with the "Standard Member" member type assigned access to the content right away, select the "Alter existing members' access to content" option. Otherwise, to only grant future members of this group access to the content, select "Do not change existing members' access to content".
  2. Click the "[+] Add Content to Package" link to add new content to the content package.
  3. A blank row will appear. Click the "List View" icon to load a list of possible content options.
  4. From the "List View" panel, select the content you want to add to the content package.
  5. If you want to remove existing content from the content package, tick the checkbox next to the content you want to remove.
  6. Click on "Save" to complete the process.

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Published on 2013/07/11.
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