Registration Form Breakdown

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Each section below represents a tab within the "Form Creation" popup.


StatusRequiredWhether the form is "Live" or "Disabled". Users will not be able to register from a "Disabled" form.
NameRequiredName of the registration form.
DescriptionOptionalDescription of the form.
SourceOptionalSets a "Source" for all members registering from this form.
AccountOptionalSets an "Account" for all members registering from this form. Alternatively, you can use the "Create Account?" field to create a new account alongside the new member, to which the member will be assigned and for which he/she will be the "Master Member".
Member Status-Sets the member's status following registration.

Active: Member can log in right away.
Pending E-Mail Confirmation: Member must confirm his/her email address before being able to log in.
Admin Approval Required: Member must be approved by an employee before being able to log in.
Require Code?-If set to "Yes", you will need to issue a "Registration Code" to the user before they can access the form. Otherwise anyone can access the form.
Public Listing?-If set to "Yes", the form will appear on the list of registration forms found at " InformationRemember that you will need to change "" to the actual URL at which Zenbership is installed.register.php".
Captcha?-If set to "Yes", the user will need to submit a CAPTCHA to register from this form.
Preview Screen?-If set to "Yes", the user will have a chance to preview what is being submitted prior to completing the registration.
Create Account?-If set to "Yes", an account will be created on top of the member, based on this user's information. If you choose to use this option, you must include the Company Name field on your form, otherwise no account will be created!
Redirect-If left blank, the program will display the "Registration Complete" template following the registration. However, if you input a URL into this field, the program will redirect the user to that URL following a successful registration, bypassing the standard template.


This tad allows you to specify whether to email the user a confirmation of registration (template = "Registration Complete"), and whether to use a special template when sending this email. You can create custom templates from "Integration > E-Mail Templates".

Finally, the "Forward BCC" field allows you to send a blind-carbon-copy to any email addresses you input into the textbox. This is useful if you need to notify one or more people when a registration takes place.

Form Builder

The form builder allows you to add fields, fieldsets, and page breaks onto the form. Click here for a full discussion of the form builder.

Special Conditions

Click here for information on how special conditions work.

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Published on 2013/07/13.
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