Trackstat is a system that attempts to determine whether a member is sharing their password.

How It Works

The system takes a recent pool of logins into the member's account and attempts to use that data to determine how many unique users have logged into the member's account.

Using The System

The system is always on. You can find a member's trackstat rating by doing the following:

  • Load the member's slider for the member you want to analyze.
  • Under the "Overview" tab, scroll down to the "Trackstat" section.
  • Within this section, you will find several pieces of information:
  • Rating: This it likelihood that the member is sharing their password. A higher number means they are more likely to be sharing their password.
  • Accuracy: This is how confident the program is that the rating is accurate. With smaller pools of information, it is often harder to provide an accurate assessment of the likelihood of password sharing. Therefore, as more sessions are detected for the user, the accuracy of the rating will improve.

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Published on 2013/08/09.
Last updated on 2013/08/09.

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