Updating a Member's Status


A member's status controls whether that member can log in, is considered active, or is suspended. Click here for information on the different member status codes.

Updating a Member Status

To update a member's status, begin by loading the member's slider, either by searching for a member or by clicking a member in the membership listings.

Within the slider, click on the member's current status.

The member status popup will appear.

  1. Selects the new status for the member.
  2. Determines if you wish to notify the member by email about the status change.
  3. Provides a reason for the status change, both in the "Status History" (also available from the Member Status popup), and on the email sent to the member notifying him/her of the status change.

Suspending a Member

See "Updating" above.

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Published on 2013/09/04.
Last updated on 2013/09/04.

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