User Opt Out


Zenbership allows members to opt-out of receiving SMS messages.

From The Control Panel

To manually opt a user out of receiving SMS messages, follow these steps:

  • Load the member or contact's slider.
  • Click on the "Data" tab (Item 1).
  • Click on the "Cell Phone" fieldset (Item 2).
  • Check off the "SMS Optout" checkbox.
  • Save the changes.

User Manually Opting Out

Unlike email campaigns, there is no easy way for a member or contact to click a link on an SMS and instantly opt out. For that reason, the member will have to manually opt-out from their member dashboard.

Note that you may need to add the fieldset to the "Member Update Page" scope for it to appear on the "Update Account" section of the member dashboard. In this case, the fieldset is called "Cell Phone". You can find and edit the fieldset from "Integration > Fieldsets".

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Published on 2013/07/18.
Last updated on 2013/07/18.

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