What is Popularity?

Popularity is an indicator of how often a products:

  • Viewed
  • Purchased

On top of these factored, which are weighted to reflect increase popularity more with a purchase than a view, you can set the "Base Popularity" for a product when creating/editing it.

Setting Base Popularity

To set a product's base popularity, from the administrative control panel:

  • Go to "Shop > Products"
  • Click the name of the product you want to edit the "Base Popularity" for.
  • On the product popup, input a numerical value into the "Base Popularity" field.

Setting Popularity Values

On top of setting the base popularity for a product, the program allows you to set the popularity added for each view and purchase of a product. To do this, from the administrative control panel:

  • Go to "Shop > Options"
  • Input values for both of these fields:
  • Popularity Points Per Sale
  • View Points Per Sale

The default is 80:1, whereby a purchase is worth 80 times more than a view.

Sample Popularity

Presume a product has been purchased 10 times, viewed 600, and has a base popularity of 100. The total popularity for that product, over the course of its lifetime, would be:

  • 200 + 150 + 100 = 450
  • 200 = 10 x 20 (purchases)
  • 150 = 600 x .25 (views)
  • 100 = base popularity

Of course, this number would change if the values for the popularity options have been changed.

Popularity in the Catalog

The program uses popularity over the last month to determine what is considered "popular" in the cart catalog.

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Published on 2013/07/12.
Last updated on 2013/08/29.

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