Promotional Codes


Promotional codes allow you to offer discounts on shopping cart purchases. Discounts can be one of three types:

  • Percent off
  • Dollar value off
  • Flat-rate shipping

Creating a Promo Code

To create a promo code, go to "Shop > Promotional Codes" and click on "Add Promo Code" in the secondary navigation menu. A popup will appear with a number of options:

Code Overview
CodeThis is the code users will input in the shopping cart to receive their savings.
DescriptionDescription of the code. Will appear below the savings in the user's shopping cart. Click here for information.
TypeThe type of promotional code. This determines how savings are calculated.
Discount"Percent Discount" and "Fixed Discount" types only. Determines the percent off or the fixed dollar amount off.
Shipping Cost"Flat-Rate Shipping" type only. Determines the shipping cost for the order.
Usage Criteria
Cart MinimumMinimum cart subtotal before the code can be used.
Effective DateDate before which the code cannot be used.
Expiration DateDate after which the code can no longer be used.
Max UsesDetermines the total number of times the code can be used. Leave blank to set no limit.
PermissionsDetermines whether anyone can use the code, or whether only logged in members can use the code.
Applicable Products
This allows you to specify specific products to which these savings will apply. Leave blank to allow usage of the code on any product.

Applying a Code

"Cart Contents" page.

Users can apply a code from both the "Cart Contents" page and the "Checkout" page.


Savings are calculated on a product-by-product basis, meaning that if a user has three products in their cart, but the savings only apply to one of those products, the savings will only be applied to the total for that product.

Usage Logs

You can see a full list of code usages from "Shop > Promotional Codes > Usage Logs".

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Published on 2013/07/12.
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