Posting Tweets

You must integrate Twitter before this feature becomes available!


Zenbership allows you to post tweet directly to your company's Twitter. In order for this to work, you will need to integrate twitter.

Posting a Tweet

Presuming you have integrated your Twitter account with Zenbership, you can post a tweet by doing the following:

  • Click on "Connect > Social Media > Twitter".
  • The Twitter management popup will appear. Compose you tweet within the "Post a Tweet" tab:
  • Click on "Tweet" to complete the process.
  • The tweet will not appear on your company's twitter account!

Things to Remember

Twitter limits posts to 140 characters. When composing directly from Twitter, URLs are automatically shortened. Zenbership does not have this ability, therefore consider using a URL shortening service like "" to shorten your links before adding them to your Tweet.

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Published on 2013/07/18.
Last updated on 2013/07/18.

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