Tweet Feeds

You must integrate Twitter before these features become available!

What is a "Tweet Feeds"?

A "Tweet Feeds" is a list of tweets posted to a twitter account.

Company Tweet Feed

You can view your company's tweet feed from "Connect > Social Media > Twitter". Click on the "Tweets" tab to view all recent tweets posted to your company's twitter account.

User Tweet Feeds

To view a member, contact, or account's twitter feed, load the user's slider. So for example, if you want want to view recent tweets by a member, you would click on "Members", and then click on the username of the member you want to view.

Adding the User's Twitter

Before the Twitter icon appears in the user's slider navigation, you will first need to specify the user's twitter URL. To do this, go to the user's twitter account, and copy and paste the user's twitter URL into the "Twitter Profile" field (Item 3) on the user's account. The "Twitter Profile" field can be found as "Data (Item 1) > Social Media (Item 2)".

Viewing the User's Feed

Once you have integrated a user's twitter, you can load the user's slider and click on the twitter icon in the primary navigation to view the user's twitter feed (item 4 above).

Universal Tweet Feed

To view a combined twitter feed for all users who have a "Twitter Profile" on file in the program, go to the administrative dashboard homepage and click on "Twitter Feeds" in the secondary navigation menu.

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Published on 2013/07/18.
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