Menus are collections of links that can be displayed throughout your membership site.

Creating Menus

From the administrative control panel, click on "Content > Widgets > Menus > Create Menu".

  • To create a menu, start by giving the menu a reference name.
  • Next click on "[+] Add a New Link".
  • At this point you can create a link by either selecting an existing content page, or by typing in a full URL.
  1. To create a link to an existing content page, begin by typing the name of this link, as it will appear in the menu. Next, click the "list" icon and select the page from the list. Alternatively, you can being typing the content's name and select it from the resulting search results.
  2. To create a link to an external web page, begin by typing the name of this link, followed by the full URL to the website in question.
  3. In this example, we again create a link to an external webpage, however in this case the link will open in a new window instead of the existing window.

Adding Menus to Pages and Templates

Once you have created a menu, you can include it on any HTML template or content page by using the standard widget inclusion code:


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Published on 2013/06/24.
Last updated on 2014/01/04.

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