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A contact is a non-member in the database. This means that their information is stored in the database, however they cannot log into the member portal.

Generally, the goal of a contact is to become a member. This is known as a "Conversion". However, a contact does not have to become a member to be converted. Instead, you can classify the contact as a "Customer" (see "Contact Types" below).

Contact Types

Contacts are split into four possible types:

  • Contact: This is a general contact. Generally these contacts are assigned to accounts for reference, but have no monetary value moving forward.
  • Lead: This is a contact that could eventually become an opportunity. There is interest in your company's services but the lead is not yet considered an "opportunity".
  • Opportunity: An opportunity is a contact who has confirmed interest in your services. Opportunities have the special distinction of appearing in the "Opportunities" list in the topbar of the Zenbership administrative dashboard. They also have increased contact frequencies, as established in the options under "Contacts > Options".
  • Customer: This is a contact who has "converted", meaning they have made a purchase, registered as a member, or otherwise been converted. Contacts marked as converted can be assigned to a member, or marked as a "Customer".

Expected Value

Every contact can be given an "Expected Value". This is the monetary amount you believe this contact is worth once converted. The program compares this value to the "Actual Value" of the contact, which is set when converting the member. The difference is used to:

  • Determine employee effectiveness
  • Set more realistic goals for expected income
  • Generate "funnel" reports for income

Establishing an expected value can be done in one of many ways:

Contact Frequency and Accounts

Contacts are directly linked to accounts, in that the account to which a contact is assigned controls the contact frequency for the contact.

Converting Contacts

Click here for information on converting contacts.

"Dead" Contacts

A contact is considered "dead" when the interest in your services or becoming a member is considered unrealistic. At this point, the contact isn't worth your employee's time, and can therefore be marked as a "Dead" opportunity, thereby clearing up your employees to focus on better leads.

To mark a contact as "Dead", load the contact's slider and click on the "Mark Dead" icon in the slider's primary navigation:

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Published on 2013/07/14.
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