Assigning Contacts to Employees

Newly created contacts, either from a contact form or from an import, are generally "Unassigned" in the database when they are first created. There are ways to automatically assign contacts, but presuming that you are not using this feature, this guide explains how to manually assign contacts.

Manually Assigning Contacts

Any contact that is not currently assigned to an employee can be assigned directly from the contact listings page, or from the contact's slider.

When you load the contact listings, you may or may now see an "Owner" column (you may need to customize your table headers to view this). Unassigned contacts will have a lightbulb icon with a link to assign the contact next to them:

Click the link to load the "Assign Contact" popup:

This screen allows you to:

  • Assign the contact to an employee,
  • Assign the contact to an account,
  • Provide a source for the contact,
  • Set an expected value for a contact,
  • Set ownership settings for the contact.

Automatically Assigning Contacts

There are several options for automatically assigning contacts to employee. You can select your desired settings from "Contacts > Options". These options are:

Random Assignment

Zenbership will randomly choose an employee and assign the new contact to him/her.

Next Employee

Zenbership will keep track of who that last contact was assigned to, and assign the next contact to the next employee in line.


This is the default setting. It requires that an administrator manually assign contacts (see "Manually Assigning Contacts" above) to employee as they are generated.

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Published on 2013/07/16.
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