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A contact form allows you to generate a contact within the database directly from a form on your website.


  • When a contact is generated from a contact form, the contact's type is set to "Lead".
  • The "Next Action" date on a new contact is set to 1 day in the future. Therefore new contacts will appear in the assigned employee's list of contacts awaiting attention.
  • New contacts generated by a form are initially unassigned. You can change this by either manually assigning contacts, or by updating the "Assignment Type" setting from "Contacts > Options".
  • You can elect to make newly generated contacts "public" or "private" by editing the "Make New Contacts Public?" option from "Contacts > Options". A "public" contact is accessible to all employees, while a "private" contact is only accessible to administrators and the employee who owns the contact.

Creating a Contact Form

To create a contact form:

  • Click on "Form" within the "Quick AddAdditional InformationThe quick add menu is located in the primary navigation bar. It is a green icon with a white plus sign." menu.
  • A popup will appear with several options. Click on "Contact (Lead) Form".
  • The "Create Contact Form" popup will appear.

Many of the requested fields are the same as for other forms and are discussed at length in the following articles:

  • You can review the standard set of form creation fields by clicking here.
  • The form builder is discussed here.
  • Special conditions are discussed here.

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Published on 2013/07/16.
Last updated on 2013/07/20.

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