Converting Contacts


When a contact is converted, you are telling the program this contact has either become a member or has in some way become a customer of your company. To properly use this feature, you will need to set an "Expected Value" for the contact before converting them. This serves several purposes:

  • Helps determine employee effectiveness
  • Helps you set more realistic goals for expected income going forward
  • Allows the program to run accurate "funnel" reports for income

Converting a Contact

To convert a contact, load the contact's slider and click on "Convert" in the slider's primary navigation menu:

The "Convert Contact" popup will appear:

Field NameDescription
Converted ByEmployee who will be credited with this conversion.
Conversion DateDate on which the conversion took place.
TypeDo not create a membership: Does not create a member, instead sets the contact as a "Customer" type.
Create new member: Creates a new member using the specified username and the contact's data.
Existing member: Assigns the conversion to an existing member.
UsernameCreate New Member only. Specify the username of the new member.
NotifyCreate New Member only. Determines whether you wish to email the converted contact about his/her new membership.
TemplateCreate New Member only. Defines which e-mail template will be used to notify the member of his/her new membership.
Conversion Value
TypeCalculate based on an order ID: If the contact purchased through the shopping cart, input the order number here to determine the value of the conversion.
Input conversation value: Manually specify the value of the conversion.
No value: Tells the program that there was no monetary value associated with this conversion.
ValueInput conversation value only. Determine the value of the conversion.
Order IDCalculate based on an order ID only. Input the order number to use.

After the Conversion

After you have converted a contact, you can view the conversion by either clicking on "Contacts > Conversions", or when you load a member's slider who was created due to a conversion, you can click the conversion link for details.

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Published on 2013/07/16.
Last updated on 2013/07/16.

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