Creating Contacts


There are several ways in which contacts can be created. These include:

  • Manually creating them from the administrative control panel,
  • Generating contacts through contact forms,
  • Importing contacts into the database.

Manually Creating Contacts

  • To create a new contact, click on "Contacts" from the "Quick AddAdditional InformationThe quick add menu is located in the primary navigation bar. It is a green icon with a white plus sign." menu.
  • The "Create Contact" slider will appear.

Customizing the Form

All of the fields on the form are customizable with the exception of the fields found under "Lead Details".

You can add or remove fieldsets to the form by editing any fieldset that you wish to appear on the form from "Integration > Fieldsets". Within the fieldset editor popup, under "Scopes", check off the "Contact (Add)", to add the fieldset to the above form.

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Published on 2013/07/16.
Last updated on 2013/07/16.

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