I have given a user access to a secure section yet they cannot see some pages in the section. Why?


The main reason for this most likely that your page is marked as "secure" as well as your section.

Security works as follows in the program: A piece of content is marked as "Secure". This makes it off-limits unless the member in question has been granted access to this content. Access to content can be granted by either:

  • A staff member on the admin control panel (Edit a member and click on the "Content" tab)
  • A registration form can be designated as an "Access Granter" for content.
  • A product, when purchased, can be designated as an "Access Granter" for content.

By making both the section and the page within that section secure, the member in question would need access to both the section and the page. However by just making the section secure and not the page, the member would only need access to the section to view the page.


Therefore the solution to this problem is to keep the section "Secure" while making the page "Open" or "Public".

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Published on 2013/06/19.
Last updated on 2013/06/19.

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