A "field" is a way of collecting a specific piece of information from a contact, member, or event registrant. A full list of fields can be seen a "Integration > Fields".

Field Types

Zenbership currently support the following field types:

Single-line TextCreate a text field which allows users to input a single line of text.
Multi-line TextCreates a text field which allows users to input multiple lines of text.
CheckboxCreates an "on" or "off" field with a fixed value.
DropdownAllows users to select a single option from a set of alternatives. Options are condensed together and displayed in a "drop down" menu.
Multiple ChoiceAllows users to select a single option from a set of alternatives. Options are displayed one-after-another with a "circular checkbox" next to each.
DateRenders a field which allows users to select a date.

Special Field Types

Primary TypeSpecial TypeDescription
Single-line TextWebsite URLRequires a valid URL format:
E-Mail AddressRequires a valid e-mail format:
Phone NumberRequires a valid phone format: 5551239876
PasswordHides text as it is typed into the field by a user.
DropdownCountry ListCreates a list of countries.
State ListCreates a list of states.
Cell phone carriersCreates a list of cell phone providers.


If you elect to "encrypt" a field in the database, this adds all of the following benefits:

  • The data is not stored in a visible "plain text" in the database.
  • Employees without permission to access sensitive information cannot view the field.

The drawbacks of using encryption is that:

  • Fields are no longer searchable.
  • Fields cannot be used in criteria.


An "index" adds the field into a "scope", meaning that the field can now be used in criteria. Therefore this should only be clicked if you intend to use the field in tasks that use the criteria system.


For dropdown and multiple choice fields, this controls the "options" that the user can select from. Input possible options following these rules:

  • Enter options, one-per-line.
  • Options should contain only letters, numbers, spaces, and basic symbols (underscores, spaces, and dashes).
  • Ideally, options should be short.


This controls the maximum number of characters that can be inputted into a field.

Width (px) or Dimensions (px)

This controls the width (and for multi-line text fields, height), in pixels, of the field when it is rendered on a form.


Restrictions limit the set of characters that can be typed into a field.

Label Position

Controls where the name of the field will appear relative to the actual field itself.

Year Range

For date fields only. This controls the range of years that the user will be able to select from when picking a date.

Creating Fields

Click here for a guide on creating fields.

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Published on 2013/07/21.
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