Managing Members

Creating a Member

  • Hover over the "Quick AddAdditional InformationThe quick add menu is located in the primary navigation bar. It is a green icon with a white plus sign." icon in the primary navigation menu and then selecting "Member".
  • A slider will appear allowing you to input information for this member.
  • Note that you can customize the fieldsets that appear on this page by editing the scope of your fieldsets.

Employee Assignment

While much more important for contacts than members, assigning a member to an employee ensures that your staff will be able to keep up with your members, improving future retention and present relations.

You can assign ownership of a member by selecting an employee from the "Assign To" field.

Member Overview Slider

Homepage of the member slider.

Member Overview Panel

You can load the member slider by clicking a member's username throughout the admin control panel. Generally this is done by searching for the member, or by clicking the username in the member listings.

1Profile PictureA visual representation of the member. This can be manually uploaded, or if you have linked the user's Twitter profile, it can be taken from there.
2Primary Navigation MenuMenu from which you can access all other management tools for this member.
3Activity GraphA graph of activity for this member.
4Data TabAllows you to access all data associated with this member, such as contact details.
5StatusAllows you to view quick information about the member, such as status and type. Click on the member's status to change it.
6Twitter FeedAllows you to view the member's Twitter feed. For this to work, you will need to input the URL to the member's twitter profile in the "Data" tab.
7Statistical BreakdownStatistical overview for this member.
8Recent Activity LogTasks that were recently performed by the member. A full list is available from the "Activity" tab in the primary navigation.
9Additional OptionsManagement tools allowing you to request that a member submit a dependency form, reset the member's password, or log into the member's dashboard without increasing the statistics or triggering password sharing abuse flags.
10MapIf enough address information is available for the member, the program will generate a map of the member's location.

Primary Navigation Options

FavoriteDenotes the member as a favorite. This makes the member easily accessible from the "Favorites" menu in the primary navigation bar of the program.
E-MailE-Mail this member.
LoginsView a list of logins by this member.
SalesView a list of transactions placed by this member.
InvoicesView a list of invoices belonging to this member.
SubscriptionsView a list of subscriptions belonging to this member.
DeleteDelete this member.
OverviewAn overview, as pictured above, of the member.
DataAllows you to edit any and all data associated with this member. Also allows you to review dependency forms submitted by this member.
ActivityList of activity performed by this member throughout the program.
ContentList of content to which this member has been granted access. Click here for information on adding access to content.
NotesList of notes associated with this member.
OutboxList of email communications sent to this member.
FilesList of files uploaded for the member. Also allows you to upload "Member Accessible" files which can be used with upload widgets and which appear within the member's storage box on the member dashboard.

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Published on 2013/07/12.
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