Selecting a Payment Gateway

Integrated Payment Gateways

Click here for a list of integrated payment gateways.

Activating Payment Gateways

You can select your payments gateways from "Shop > Setup > Payment Gateways".

To activate a payment, click the gateway name and do the following:

  • Set the "Status" to "On"
  • If you know the fees that your gateway collects, input the totals into the "Fees" fields. This will be used by the program to determine how much money is being lost to gateway fees.
  • If you want to make this your primary gateway, meaning that the program will default to sending all transactions through this gateway unless otherwise specified, click on "Primary". Otherwise set it as a "Secondary" gateway.
  • If you are testing, set the "Mode" to testing. Otherwise, set this to "Live" to being accepting real transactions.
  • Input your gateway credentials. You can find a list of what each credential corresponds to here.
  • For API gateways, you will need to confirm that you are PCI Compliant before you can begin using the gateway.

Multiple Gateways

Zenbership support the use of multiple payment gateways. In the event that you have selected multiple gateways, consider the following:

Multiple APIs Selected

If you have selected multiple API gateways, the program will default to the "Primary" gateway unless a payment method was selected that isn't supported by the "Primary" gateway.

API and Non-API Selected

If the API is set as the primary gateway, the user will experience the full checkout process. In the "Payment Methods" section of the "Checkout" page, the user will have the option to select the active non-APIs, such as PayPal.

If the API is NOT the primary gateway, the program will bypass the standard checkout process and send the user directly to the non-API gateway's website for collection of payment.

Payment Methods

Payment methods available to users are determined by what your gateway is capable of, and what the Zenbership module for your gateway is capable of. Click here for more information.

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Published on 2013/07/13.
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