Your credentials in Zenbership reflect the following settings in Beanstream:

  1. Merchant ID
  2. API Access Passcode
  3. Hash Key


All tokenization is performed through the "Payment Profiles" feature of this gateway.

PCI Compliance

This gateway allows for tokenization of credit card data, meaning that all credit card data is stored directly on your payment gateway's servers. This reduces your PCI Compliance burden.

Setting Up Your Gateway

API Access Passcode

From Beanstream:

  • Click on "Configuration" > "Payment Profile Configuration"
  • Under "Security Settings", select "API access passcode" and click on "Generate New Code"
  • Save the changes.
  • Copy and paste the code into "Credential 2".

Hash Key

From Beanstream:

  • Click on "Administration" > "Account Settings" > "Order Settings"
  • Check off "Require hash validation on all Payment Gateway transaction requests"
  • Input a secret hash into "Hash key" and select "MD5" for "Hash algorithm".
  • Copy and paste the hash key into "Credential 3".

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Published on 2013/02/24.
Last updated on 2013/02/24.

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