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  • Location: InformationRemember that you will need to change "" to the actual URL at which Zenbership is installed.catalog.php

The "Store Front", otherwise known as the "Cart Catalog" or "Shop", is the online location from which users can browse your products and make purchases.

  1. Product Search: Searches through product names and SKUs (IDs) for a match.
  2. Price Range Filters: Allows users to filter products based on a price range.
  3. Featured Products Widget: A widget which randomly selects and displays a featured product.
  4. Display Options: Allows users to control the number of products to display as well as the sorting method. Click here for a discussion on how popularity is calculated.
  5. Standard Listing: A standard product listing.
  6. Features Product Listing: A product listing that has been flagged as a "Featured Product". Notice the different background color. This is due to the addition of a CSS style class named "zen_featured_product".

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Published on 2013/07/12.
Last updated on 2013/07/12.

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