Uploading Files

When you upload a file to an member or contact, you can specify a label to assign to this upload. This label can then be used with an instance of the upload list widget to limit which files appear on a file list.

Public vs Private Uploads

There are three types of uploads in Zenbership: Public, Member Accessible, and Private.

Public Files

Public uploads are files that are available in any upload List widget with the "Public List?" setting set to "Yes" (see below).

Account Accessible Files

Account accessible files are files that are uploaded to an account as "Member Accessible" which can be seen by any member assigned to that account. In order for this to work, you will need to set the "Allow Uploading?" option for the widget to "Yes".

Member Accessible Files

Member Accessible files are files that are specifically uploaded for only one member to view. These files will appear in any upload widget where the file's label matches the label set for that upload widget.

Private Files

Private uploads are files that are only accessible on the administrative dashboard. These are used for employee purposes and will never be made available to the member, regardless of the file's label.

Widget settings.

Uploading Public Files

To upload a public file:

  1. Click on the "Employee Management Menu" in the top right corner where it says "Welcome YourName".
  2. Click on "My Uploads"
  3. On the resulting page, click on "Upload Files for Members" in the secondary navigation.

The process from this point is the same as uploading any other file. Please see "Uploading and Establishing Labels" below for details.

Uploading Member Accessible Files and Establishing Labels

In order to set a label on an upload, you first need to access the "Files" tab for the member, account, or contact to which the upload will be assigned. For this example, we will presume you are uploading a file to a member.

  • Begin by loading the member's slider. This can be done by either searching for the member or clicking the username within the "Members" list.
  • Once you have loaded the member's slider, click on the "Files" tab.
  • Next click on the "Upload Member-Accessible File" button.
  • Note that you could label a file that isn't member accessible as well. By clicking on "Upload Member-Accessible File" we ensure that the user will be able to view this once they are logged into their account.
  • A popup will appear. On this popup, there will be a "Select a Label" field and a location to upload your file.
  • Input or select a label before uploading your file. This ensures that the file's label is properly set after the upload. You can change a label after uploading the file as well.
  • In this example, we use the "myLabel" label, however it can be anything you wish.
  • Once you have selected a label, upload the file you want to associate with the "myLabel" label.
  • Click the "x" to close the popup.

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Published on 2013/07/10.
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