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Zenbership's invoicing system allows you to create flexible invoices which can be used to bill users for services and products. Every invoice has a due date before which a the invoice must be settled.

Invoice Statuses

The possible statuses of an invoice are as follows:

OpenThe invoice has not reached its due date and therefore is in good standing.
PaidThe invoice has been settled.
Partially PaidThe user has made a payment, but there is still a balance on the invoice.
OverdueThe invoice's due date has past without the invoice having been settled.
DeadThe invoice has been unpaid for too long and is now considered "dead".


Reminders are sent both before an invoice is due and after it is overdue. The default settings are to remind a user once 5 days before an invoice is due, as well as once every 7 days, a maximum of 5 times, after the invoice is overdue. Effectively, the invoice is marked "Dead" 35 days after its due date.

The program uses the following templates to remind a user of their invoice:

  • Invoice: This is the full invoice that is sent to the invoiced party.
  • Invoice payment reminder: This is sent to before the invoice is due. Based on the "Reminder No. 1" setting.
  • Overdue invoice notice: Sent after an invoice is overdue. Based on the "Maximum Reminders" and "Overdue Reminders" settings.
  • Invoice Settled: Sent when an invoice has been settled.
  • Invoice Updated: Sent when an invoice is updated. This could mean billing or shipping information has changed, due date has changed, or a component has been added to the invoice.

These settings can be customized to fit your needs. Please see the "Settings" section below for details.


Allow Invoicing?Controls whether users can request and invoice during the shopping cart checkout process.
Allow Partial Payments?Controls whether to allow users to submit partial payments on an invoice, or whether to require the total amount in one payment.
Invoice DueDefault due date for invoices created from the shopping cart. The default is 14 days, meaning that newly created invoices will be due 14 days after the date on which it was requested.
Hourly RateDefault hourly rate for "Hourly" components added to invoices. This can be set individually on an invoice-by-invoice basis.
Invoice Number FormatControls the default ID format for new invoices.
Maximum RemindersAs described in the "Reminders" section above, this is the maximum number of times to remind the user before marking the invoice as "Dead". It works with the "Overdue Reminders" setting.
Overdue RemindersAs described in the "Reminders" section above, this is the timeframe between reminders for overdue invoices. It works with the "Maximum Reminders" setting.
Reminder No. 1As described in the "Reminders" section above, this is a reminder that is sent to the invoiced user before the due date on the invoice. So if this is set to "7 Days" and an invoice is due on July 20th, the reminder would be sent on July 13th.
Round Up Hourly Work?This controls whether "Hourly" components are rounded up to the nearest hour on invoices.

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Published on 2013/07/12.
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